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SGS - extrema ratio, the high personal defense program you were looking for.

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S.G.S. E.R. one of the most advanced high self-defense systems in the world. It is a fusion of multiple systems, techniques and strategies of combat and defense, formed in part by Street Grapple System (M ° G.porcelain) from which it adapts and explosiveness, by the FISFO system (M ° C.Joussot) for effectiveness of his techniques and warriors escrima (Guru K. godhania) for knife, stick and panantukan techniques, as well as drawing on various other systems of world-class masters and traditional martial arts. he felt the need to found this system following his experience (50 years) in the practical field. This system is developed to be able to transmit to practitioners the knowledge of effective techniques, instinctive movements and a mental attitude prepared to deal with dangerous situations. The goal of M ° S.M. assisted by the team of instructors, it is to be able to give the inexperienced practitioner the opportunity to really defend himself after only a few years of practice, there will then be for the more experienced the opportunity to continue with the most advanced programs based on the level achieved.

The programs are divided into schools, women's self-defense (anti-aggression), civilians in general and law enforcement agencies. The programs, while maintaining the basic program, will be diversified according to who is addressed and the time of practice.

M ° Sandro martinelli - curriculum

1. National instructor, delegate from Triveneto and provincial manager "street-grapple-system" (SGS) and "filipino-arnis-evolution-system" (F.A.E.S.)

2. Former Chief Instructor of "Close Combat" of the R.G.T Lagunari Serenissima

3. Master 6th dan karate shotokan (achieved in France), (International. Budo. Association)

4. Italian Delegate of International - Budo - Association B.A.

5. 3rd dan of F.I.J.L.K.A.M. (C.O.N.I.)

6. 5th DAN F.E.D. system by M. Bill Homann

7. Black belt instructor 5th dan karate dillmann "KYUSHO" (U.S.A.)

8. Istruttore dal 2004 di kali – Eskrima sistema ( Filippino –Arnis -Evolution- System)

9. Italian regional and military knife instructor, "SAL" system, "SCRIMA" "ITALIAN MILITARY TRADITION" techniques used by the "ARDITI" and X MAS ASSAULT DEPARTMENTS, by prof. M ° Antonio Merendoni (military trainer "ancient Babylon operation)

10. Instructor "VENEXIAN SCRIMIA" of prof. Antonio Merendoni

11. Instructor 4th level and manager of the Veneto knife fight for “Istrid - Research Information Research Institute

12. Knife combat instructor of the "CSSD / SC - Grand Master Bram Frank" system - called the father of blades in Israel

13. Teacher Trainer certification C.O.N.I. ISO 9001 AND SNAQ, for "close combat" combat for military departments and law enforcement agencies

14. Trainer of the Slovenian system "ryukyukempo tactical" used by Slovenian special bodies enota specialno delovenia (ESD)

15. Instructor of the system used by the German "GSG9") tactical: modular gun level

16. Italian contact person and principal instructor of the French personal defense system "F.I.S.F.O." in use by French special forces - "FOREIGN LEGION- GENDARMERIE - L’ Armè Francaise - Police - Air France

17. "vajra murthi" combat expert

18. Instructor of Kali Eskrima "warrior eskrima" system under the technical direction of (Guru Krishna Godhania European contact of warrior eskrima and sayoc kali)

19. CSEN Operational Survival Instructor

20. Advanced diver and wrek

21. Collaborator of the nautical magazine "LAGUNAMARE" of the C.C.I.A.A. from Venice

22. Collaborator of the military magazine "RAIDS"

23. Collaborator of the Association's press review. Lagunari Amphibious Troops

24. Collaborator of the military magazine "DEFENSE ON LINE"

25. Co-designer of the "SANMARCO" knife for the RGT. LAGUNARI SERENISSIMA

26. Designer of the combat knife for the special departments "DOGE 107"

27. Sports practiced: horseback riding - kayaking - swimming - diving - climbing - archery - dynamic shooting - trekking - survival.



Personal defence



Special Force



I present all my Masters who trained me in my martial path but also in life.

Giorgio porcellana
bill homman
charles joussot
Sandro Spampinato
Krishna godhania
Roberto baccaro
Marino marcolina
jp Portocarrero
Hiroshi shirai
George dillman
Domenique Valera
Bruno Demichelis
Florian lahner
Edessa RAmos
dax dacayana
Bram Frank
Borut kincl
Bill Wallace
Antonio merendoni
Taji kase


Within the Stick program, it usually starts with an introduction to the basic methods for the use of the single stick which begin with a basic variety of grips, positions and guard positions by slowly developing a complete training for the stick. Subsequently in the program are added exercises of "Numerada" a structured numbering system from which defensive skills, kickbacks, disarm the balance, immobilize and break down are practiced. Following the competence of these areas, a wide range of strokes is developed including linear strokes, circular strokes, thrusts and figure eight strokes called "Amara" which allow the student to defend himself and counterattack effectively.

Once a student has developed a repertoire of appropriate techniques and fluid use of the stick, he can move on to a form of controlled free-style sparring called "palakaw", the highest level of sparring, which is usually taught at close range on a one-to-one basis that requires a high level of reflexes and timing, a greater subtlety of deceptive, fake and indirect attacks with a high awareness of the familiarity of the line and of the blows to bring to the opponent. During this progression, disarmament, blockage, entrapment and attack are previously taught.

The teaching of the Bastone program in the Extrema Ratio has a very important relevance as it is studied for a large part of the program, allowing the student to acquire true defense and counterattack skills.  


The Knife Defense program is inspired by the Filipino martial arts which are considered to be among the most practical systems and have developed cutting edge training at a very high level.

Few people know that currently the greatest danger comes from an attack on the white weapon (knife, broken bottle, piece of pointed plastic etc.) and not as almost everyone thinks of a firearm. If the gun is difficult to find, a knife can be found everywhere for little money and is very easy to hide or to get rid of. The knife is therefore the most common weapon against which a defensive preparation that does not allow the slightest error during application is needed.
The study of the proposed system is at the forefront because it is applied with techniques that allow you to have the opportunity to effectively counter the attack by limiting as much as possible the risk of suffering injuries. In our program we study training exercises, designed specifically to manage the characteristics of the knife, through reactive, reflective and conditioned responses that provide an in-depth understanding, and appropriate training to defend against any attacks by this deadly weapon.

Special Force

SGS has the characteristic of having multiple uses, so much so that it is also aimed at operators of Public Security, military, special forces and operators of close security. A complete style that includes techniques of struggle, defense with bare hands also against weapons and defense with everyday objects against weapons (example umbrella against knife). Thus making the program suitable also for special forces which must adapt to any dangerous situation.


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sgs extrema ratio

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