Our collaborative activities, in order to improve their training, are exclusively aimed at the Armed Forces and the Police and Security Forces present in the Member States of the European Union, in the Member States of NATO, or in other States with specific authorization, in accordance to the laws and regulations in force there. 

who we are


We are trainers in the Security & Safety sector present throughout Italy and abroad.

The advantage of the teaching activity is the high professionalism and ability of its instructors. The teaching staff includes highly qualified trainers who can range from V to I class and who have reached a degree of improvement only after a selective path in which in addition to the proven operational skills have shown a high degree of aptitude for teaching, obtaining all the necessary certificates.


M° Sandro martinelli


Master Sandro Martinelli is responsible
Northern Italian - east instructor cl. lV

istrid programs

The exposed programs were deemed by the Security & Safety sector, of interest for further professional training for the Armed Forces and Police. Only the basic S&S training course program has been officially authorized by the S&S coordinator. For the other programs which are always carried out by accredited instructors under their total responsibility, the S&S sector must confirm their approval and its participation is only for the request of the examinations to evaluate the candidates participating in the course, presented and selected who wish to obtain the EXPERT certification of the S&S sector for trainers in the Armed and Police Forces.


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Courses Timetable

Tuesday: 19:00 - 21:00

Friday: 19:00 - 21:00

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