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the san marco fighting knife


Designed and manufactured in Italy by the MAC of Maniago, a company specialized in author blades. Like every project, everything stems from an idea: to create a multipurpose weapon for amphibious use with functionality also for survival.

The design is the work of Sandro Martinelli and Marco Bellani, martial arts experts and close combat technicians. All their experience is transfused in the project.


Let's examine in detail the SAN MARCO FIGHTING knife starting from a series of details that better than any description characterize the innovative project.

the scabbard

The plastic sheath is specially designed for the SAN MARCO blade. It is a removable system that can be used separately for underwater operations. The scabbard is in fact equipped with a restraint system for the blade and housings for a pair of rubber straps always supplied. In its essential configuration, SAN MARCO becomes an excellent knife for underwater use that can be housed on the calf. The rubber straps help to obtain an extremely stable positioning thanks to the grip of the material on the diving suit.

 When using the surface, the black polymer sheath, stripped of the rubber straps, is inserted in a specially made Cordura housing. The Cordura sheath is of the multiposition type for fastening on the belt with quick release, on the thigh with spacer and elastic band or with the Molle system.

ergonomics and functionality

An eye to details that increase the ergonomics and functionality of the SAN MARCO knife: the blade is fixed ambidextrously. A series of ambidextrous and removable retentions complete the equipment making the system extremely flexible.

The upper part of the Cordura sheath has an additional housing that can contain a multi tool or a pistol magazine or even a folding back-up knife. The closure is made of high quality velcro.

the blade

We now come to the examination of the blade. Single sheet of 5.8 mm sintered stainless steel RWL 34 with black PTFE anti-reflective treatment (hardness 59 HRC).

The blade has an arrow profile with the lower part razor sharp and the dorsal part prepared for sharpening. This is for almost half the length of the blade. The blade continues in the concave part with serration almost to the lower guard. In the vicinity of the guard we find another detail that denotes extreme attention in the project: a recess for the index finger in the advanced grip position of the knife.

L’impugnatura smontabile a mezzo viti denota una progettazione polivalente dell’arma.

The grip grips are in black polymer with a very high grip. We note that it is possible to apply a paracord to replace the grips to obtain further weapon configuration. The screw holes can also be used to secure the blade to a rod by turning the system into a pike.



The handle features a stylized lion head, a symbol of the Serenissima Battalion as in the San Marco knife used by the Lagoons in World War II. An unmistakably Italian style in which design combines with functionality.

SMF01 Sanmarco fighting

Blade: stainless steel - RWL34
Hardness: 59-60HRC • Thickness: 5.8mm - 0.228 "• Weight: 285g - 10.05oz

Blade coating: IDROGLIDER GOLD® Black

Handle material: PP and TPE compound

Knife length: 26.5 cm - 10.43 ″
Blade length: 14.5 cm - 5.70 ″

Sheath: Cordura® 1100 + PP, 225 g - 7.93 oz


Excellent product for use in amphibious operations with particular regard to underwater use thanks to the quality of the materials used. The knife is really a multipurpose tool that can be safely used as a combat knife and as a survival knife.

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